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Stone Treatment
Stone Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to expect before my massage?

What to expect after?

  • What to expect before my appointment
    - Once you book you will receive an email confirmation. - If you have not filled out your intake form, you can fill it out via your email confirmation before your appointment. - On the day of your appointment be sure to arrive 5-10 minutes so you are not feeling rushed.
  • What are Add-Ons?
    An Add-On is an additional service you can add to your massage session such as Back Scrub, Mini Hot Stone, Etc. See our Add-ons under services.
  • What to expect when I arrive?
    - Come in take a seat and Breath 🌬️ - Fill out your intake form if you have not already done so. - Use the rest room if needed. - Your therapist will greet you before starting the session.
  • What to expect during my session?
    - Before beginning your session your therapist will ask about your general well being. - The therapist will go over the type of massage you will be given that day, and step out of the room for you to prepare. - Before entering our therapist will knock the door and your session will begin. Communication is key let us know, during the session if you have any questions you can ask your therapist.
  • What to expect after my massage is complete?
    - Once your session is over your therapist will exit the room. Take a few minutes to re-center your thoughts, and take in the sense of relaxation. - Slowly and carefully get of the massage table and re-dress once done you can exit the room and connect with front desk.

Tips before massage:

Before your session it recommended to have alight meal, and drink plenty of water.
Remove all Jewelry and accessories to maximize on your time.

Tips after massage:

After your session it is recommended to hydrate, stretch and
Book your next appointment !
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