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Healing Therapy

A good option for individuals looking to target specific areas with chronic pain issues, such as the back, hands, neck, hips, and knees, among other areas. View our Therapeutic Massage services below.


Juteme offers a variety of upgrades you can add to your massage session.

Bottles of Essential Oil


Holding Hands

Hand Scrub

Hot Stones

Mini Hot Stone

Littlle jar

Bio Freeze

Image by Stefan Rodriguez

Peppermint Scalp 

Cupping Therapy

Mini Cupping


Foot Scrub

Therapeutic Massage

This massage modality uses myofascial release, trigger point therapy & deep tissue to work on specific areas if need it, helping to relieve pain, reduce stress.

Wood Massage Therapy

This therapy uses medium to strong pressure using wooden tools such as wooden massage roller, mushroom massager etc.

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